Software Modules or ONLINE Applications are...

Designed for all dealerships.  You don't have to explain to another software company how a dealership works, to help them customize an application, we have been helping dealerships be more efficient for decades!  It doesn't matter if you have 35 employees or 35,000 employees, our online apps are designed to be scalable to grow with your needs!

Dealer Help Wanted Dealer HR Dealer Heat Dealer Loaner
Post your employee positions online, collect and share within your organization prospective employees applications, resumes and interviews.
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Manage your employees better!  Designed specifically for car dealerships.  This app will be one of your teams best assets.  Track sales, time off, csi, training, etc.  
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Your CSI Manager's best friend, this app tracks any customer complaints from start to finish and will create effective communications for your team. Get higher csi scores!  
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Do you have a fleet of loaner cars that are used for your service department.  This app is designed for your loan car rep or call center to track your fleet inventory. 
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My Dealer Email
Collision Tracker Dealership Intel Your Custom App!
We offer email servers offering pop, imap and smtp for all or your email clients, smartphones and are tablet ready. Complete with webmail, calendars, shared / private contacts!
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Stay on top of your daily production schedule! Allow your customers to view their status and photos online.  Calculate sales, gross profit and other key indicators automatically.  
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This app is actually a private forum for dealerships only that allows sharing ideas, asking questions, reading white papers and faqs.  This is free and only for our customers.
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Do you have a specific need for an online app that you would like to be written for your team?  We understand car dealership operations and can help you with your project.
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Our Software Modules work together!
They are like building blocks, you can use just one and later if you need another module they are designed to be interconnected so they can share information. 


They have built in security interfaces!
If you want employee "A" to see certain items, for instance vehicle cost, you may not want this available to other employees.  Dealer Module's software has an easy to use security interface that allows you to control your employee's access levels!

Online help included!

Answers are only a mouse click away and we keep updating the help area from questions that we receive from end users calling into our helpdesk! Many of our help icons show videos with step by step working examples.

Easy to understand, user friendly interfaces!
A poorly designed interface may start out well but later if your employees don't like the flow or ease of use it will begin to either get garbage data or your employees will begin to not fully use the application.