Web Apps specifically for Automotive Dealerships!


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Immediate Payback!
Minimal Learning Curves! It Just Makes Sense!.


Meaningful, Decision Making Reports Already Built In!


  • Dealer HR!

    (Human Resources made for

  • Dealer Heat!

    (Track Customer Problems from start to finish. (csi/ssi))

  • Dealer Loaner!

    (Track your Service Loaners)

  • Dealer Quiz!

    (Create Feedback and Surveys for your website)

  • My Dealer Email!

    (WebMail, SMTP, Imap for your PC's, Tablets & SmartPhones)

  • And more . . .

Dealer hr!

Track all areas of your Dealership Personnel. Who are your key holders? Who are in what demos? How many vacation days have they taken this year? Are they attending training regularly? Are they sick often? When was thier last promotion / raise?  What are thier CSI / SSI statistics?  How many units did they sell last month? What department is going through personnel the fastest?

This is just a small slice of the easy interface that puts it all together for you in one place!

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Dealer heat!

You have a customer that calls in with a complaint.  How is it tracked and is it handle they way you would expect?

This web based application will allow your CSI Manager to record and assign each complaint to a department manager for immediate resolutions.  

It will show all steps that were taken to turn this customer around to a satisfied and repeat customer that will help score your CSI / SSI results higher than ever!

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